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C-note’s First Camping Trip & How We Survived

C-note’s First Camping Trip & How We Survived.

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Beach Day

Today was hot, so we decided to head to the beach! We didn’t want to road trip too far so we decided on Port Dover which is just south of Hamilton, Ontario. It turned out to be a great day! We came armed with a ton of sand toys & trucks galore, plus a mini cooler full of snacks & drinks. The kids had a great time.

They actually got in the water (which was freezing!!). Why is it that kids never feel the cold water?

It was a great kick off to the summer.
On the way out of Port Dover we had to stop at this great playground we happened to see on the way in. It’s the Kinsman park & the kids loved it. The play structure was amazing & had a lot of things you don’t normally see in playgrounds (like a drum set. Not kidding!). I highly recommend stopping there if you’re ever in the area.

It was a successful day in the sun & we’ll be planning many more beach days this summer. We’ll be trying out different beaches in the area and would love any recommendations for Southern Ontario!


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On The Trail

Just a few pictures of a hike we took along the Bruce Trail. C did so awesome considering it was a 1.5km trail – I didn’t realize it was that long! I only had to piggy back him twice and only for a short time (thank god because he’s getting heavy!).

Anyway, notice the strap across his chest? It’s his ‘adventure bag’. In it is a magnifying glass, a flashlight, binoculars and a book on backyard wildlife which he calls his ‘animal rescue book’. If anyone knows the show Diego you’ll understand.

This is only our second time hiking here, we attempted to hike it in the winter but there are very steep hills and it was just too slippery for a little guy so we didn’t go very far. 

Like I said, it was a little longer than I thought, so we needed to take a break and have a snack and check out some birds.



This trail is part of the Bruce Trail, it’s called Kerncliff and it runs through an abandoned quary. Check it out if you get the chance, it’s beautiful and a great workout, if you don’t have a pokey pre-schooler with you.

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